QUORUM AGRIFOODS is also specialized in supplying premium Canadian halal-certified dairy and dairy product brands for:

Local market:. Millions of Muslim consumers in North America would like to see Halal symbols on food products in their local markets. Not all, Natural and Kosher certified products are considered Halal because of the differences in the ingredients used such as alcohol as a solvent ingredient in the products and the differences in the religious dietary laws and regulations. There are few food products with Halal symbols available to Muslim communities in North American local markets as well as for international markets.

International market: Most of the Muslim countries in the world attempt to import Halal Certified products, especially for food in accordance with the  Islamic dietary rules. The majority of the commercial products imported from non-Islamic countries are subjected to cross-contamination by traces of pork material and others non-halal ingredients.

3DMD International Halal-Certification Requirements: 3DMD International is working with IFANCA on implementing a complete detection system as part of our  3DMD Halal Certification procedure. Halal-certified food products and ingredients will help many food products distributors, entrepreneurs, and exporters to generate profits and increase their annual sales. For exporters, many Muslim countries require that all food products and ingredients exported to their countries have to be Halal certified.

  1. Processing, ingredients, and sanitation chemicals cross-contaminated for any traces of pork materials or others not Halal ingredients and should totally come from a Halal source. Not all natural or artificial flavors are considered Halal if alcohol or others non-halal ingredients are used.
  2. Plant inspection, sampling, Packaging, storing, and operation guidelines met the requirements of the  HACCP program and sanitation for Halal certified products too.

What is Halal Food Product: Foods products and ingredients which are lawful to consume in accordance with the Islamic Dietary Rules and Regulations.

Quorum Cheese products include, but are not limited to: All products are halal certified and free from hormones, antibiotics, and pork-fat (lard), and animal enzymes such as pepsin and rennet enzymes. Our products include, but are not limited to Mozzarella and Cheddar Cheese. For more information on Quorum halal cheese products, visit Quorum Agrifoods website at http://www.quorumcheese.com